Cross Timbers Library Collaborative 2020 Conference

In Comparing Teamwork & Collaboration Competencies between a Technology in Art Education course and an Engineering Project Management Course, Martin Wallace, Morgan Chivers, and Ryan Hulla (CRTLE Research Consultant) presented the results of a student teamwork and collaboration study, using an “assembling effective teams” homework assignment and a semester-long, team-based academic library makerspace project. Students in two upper-level undergraduate classes, Technology in Art Education and Engineering Project Management, took self-assessment-surveys at the beginning of the course and again after having completed their makerspace projects. Results show that students in both courses significantly overestimate their competence in the pre-course survey. Engineering students rate themselves higher in both pre- and post-surveys than art education students. There are signs that the “assembling effective teams” homework assignment has a significant effect in student self-ratings. Other signs show that the project has significant effect on teamwork and collaboration.

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