Preliminary Analysis of IMLS-funded Maker Literacies Pilot

Over the last year I’ve been busy with our IMLS-funded pilot program Maker Competencies and the Undergraduate Curriculum. The grant team will be spending the summer conducting our analysis and writing our report to the IMLS. I’ve got some preliminary analysis to share, and will post more over the summer as our results begin to gel. By the end of September 2018 we will have launched an official Maker Literacies website where we’ll post our full report and analysis, plus curriculum materials for each of the courses that participated in the pilot study. Visit the Thinking Outside the Stacks Blog to read my preliminary analysis post.

Expanding the Intellectual Property Knowledge Base at University Libraries: Collaborating with Patent and Trademark Resource Centers

Patent and Trademark Resource Centers are located in libraries throughout the U.S., with 43 being in academic libraries. With the importance of incorporating a knowledge of intellectual property (IP) and patent research in university curricula nationwide, this study developed and evaluated a partnership program to increase the understanding of IP and patent searching methods at universities that do not headquarter a PTRC. This peer-reviewed article describes the methods for establishing those partnerships, summarizes their results, and offers a list of best practices and lessons learned for establishing future partnerships.

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship is an open access journal that publishes substantive content of interest to science and technology librarians. It serves as a vehicle for sci-tech librarians to share successful initiatives and innovative ideas, and to publish peer-reviewed or board-accepted papers, including case studies, practical applications, theoretical essays, web/bibliographies, and research papers relevant to the functions and operations of science and technology libraries in all settings. Through its columns ISTL also publishes reviews, opinions, and best practices.

You can read the full article in HTLM from the ISTL Website, or you can download a PDF of the pre-print from UTA Libraries Research Commons.

Recommended citation:

Wallace, Martin, and Suzanne Reinman. “Expanding the Intellectual Property Knowledge Base at University Libraries: Collaborating with Patent and Trademark Resource Centers.” Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, no. 88 (Winter 2018): doi:10.5062/F4JM27WK.